MIHAN cardboard packaging company intends in direction of its mission through organizational evolution and by perfect and continuous analysis of condition which is dominant on packaging industry business atmosphere   behaves so have an impressive promotion in below fields:
  • Growth in financial and  management  fields indices
  • Promotion and development of production processes and technologic
  • Promotion of Quality and customer satisfaction level 
  • Promotion of knowledge and human resource development

MIHAN cardboard packaging company as one of the most greatest of packaging products presents packaging services to country industry as regards social responsibilities and environmental, and backed to its capable and hardworking  human resource whereas emphasizes on its all stakeholders benefits.
Corporation management has already emphasized on necessity of quality specifications promotion and has not spared any efforts in direction of quality promotion. Priority of implementing of quality management system toward excellence has been organizational approach and always it’s been tried to use applicable methods to institutionalize corrective actions procedure.

Vision & Missi​​​​​​​on