Quality Policy
MIHAN cardboard packaging company

MIHAN cardboard packaging company which is trustee for producing sheets and cardboard, as one of the greatest manufacturer of sheets and cardboard in internal market presents products with good quality .
This company has made big steps in direction of orienting a total management system. In management viewpoint, production continuity and stable development of company activities depends on customers satisfaction, exhilaration, knowledge and healthiness as main company asset. Therefore orientating and continuous improvement of quality control system based on requirements of ( ISO 9001:2008 ) standard is at the top orders. Regarding to this importance, management is committed to 

  • Continuous promotion of quality towards increasing of customer satisfaction
  • Compatibility with rules and laws dominant on company’s activities, products andservices
  • (Persuasive and mandatory)
  • Increasing of personnel awareness which affects on product proof and its quality
  • Continuous improvement of systems and processes
Therefrom good orientation of this system, keeping it and continuous improvement of all organization activities is not possible ignoring collaboration, sympathy and cooperation of staff therefore it is expected that personnel as recognize concepts of this policy use their all capabilities reaching the goals.